What’s keeping you from holding your book in your hands?

Your readers are waiting on you.

Think about your readers. Maybe they’re losing their first tooth. Maybe they still sleep with a light on. Maybe they’re nervous about something or someone at school.

Kids want to pick up stories about friendship and family, about going to school and growing up.

They want to be entertained, not preached to.

They crave stories that help them make sense of the world around them.

And whether they realize it or not, kids love learning new things, whether it’s about new places, people who are different from them, or ideas they’ve never heard of before.

But there’s a story that’s missing.


As a new writer, I was looking for an editor that could assist with both development and traditional editing services. Jennifer provided both for me and did a fantastic job. She was great in giving suggestions but respecting the line between editor and writer. She provided a video clip of her edits so that I could completely understand the reasoning behind the notes that she was giving. I would recommend Jennifer as an editor.

Your readers are waiting on you.