Does the thought of your book never being written keep you up at night?

It’s time to make a plan and write your book. There are kids who need your book in their lives.

Something somewhere sparked an idea for you.

  • A character
  • Or a plot point
  • Or a setting where you know you could make adventures come to life

This isn’t the first time you’ve dreamt of being a writer.

Maybe it was when you told stories on the playground or with a flashlight during sleepovers.

Maybe it was as a teenager when you felt misunderstood by everyone.

Maybe it was when you were reading a book to a child and thought, “Hey, I could do this.”

Maybe you’ve written a book or two before, but now you need more structure and routine to write this one.

Or maybe the idea of being a writer has been in your head for a long time now–but something has happened in your life to jolt your attention and make you realize it’s now or never.

Because around 81% of adults have said they want to write a book. Do you really think they’re all writing books right now? (Me neither.)

Jennifer provides concise, insightful feedback tailored to publishing for children and young adults.

I had lost control of my story. It was too long for a picture book. Past critiques had been very general and lacking in suggestions on how to improve the story.

Jennifer helped me bring clarity to my story so I could cut down the word count and leave room for the illustrator. My document was returned not only with Tracked Changes but with an audio of her explaining the changes and offering suggestions. In the audio, I could hear her enthusiasm for my project.

Since having my book edited, I have done a Twitter pitch that received several requests from agents to query. I feel more confident sending it out to agents and look forward to getting my book published.

Writing may be a solitary activity, but we both know two heads are better than one.

Let’s work together and help you get closer to your two new favorite words: The End.

Use this time together to

  • gain clarity;
  • commit to a more regular writing schedule (because the next deadline is coming!);
  • receive feedback on what you have so far;
  • feel encouraged about your writing; and
  • feel confident you know where you’re headed on your writing journey.
laptop and notebook

Write Your First Draft

Do you need a deadline to get things done? (Let me raise my hand here too.)

Twelve weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions to help you stay on track as you write the first draft of your chapter book or middle grade novel.

  • Submit up to 2,500 words each week to be critiqued.
    • character sketches
    • chapter outlines
    • series premise
    • book chapters
  • Discuss your book in one thirty-minute call each week.

All calls will be held online.

Time slots are in the U.S. Central Time Zone (Chicago).

Here's how it works:


Sign up for a free Zoom call to talk about your book and see if coaching is right for you.


When you’re ready, sign your contract, pay your invoice, and select your weekly coaching time.


Upload your Word document (up to 2,500 words) and get ready for your first coaching session.

You’ve been ready to take this step for a while now.

If not now, when?

And sure, you could go it alone.

But wouldn’t it be helpful to have a deadline each week? To know someone’s waiting on you to actually write the words that have been living in your head? (Raises hand.)

To get feedback on what works and what doesn’t–before you write thousands of words that may need to be significantly revised or trashed?

It’s time to stop saying you want to be a writer.

It’s time to be one.

Let’s get started—together.