Independent readers need clear stories,

smooth sentences, and refined text.

Let’s make your chapter book or middle grade novel a pleasure to read.

Your readers are big kids now. Sure, they still love to be read to, but now they don’t have to rely on anyone else. Pictures are helpful but optional.

They want stories that are relatable and engaging, with age-appropriate main characters. They need stories in their sweet spot that are not too easy and not too hard.

This can puts a lot of pressure on you, their fearless author. Because with a word count in the thousands or tens of thousands, you have a lot to keep up with. And now . . .

Chapter Bookse and Middle Grad

You’ve read your book so many times the words have lost meaning.

You add a comma, delete a comma, then rewrite the whole sentence to avoid the comma.

You can’t remember—you did change that one character’s name, right? Did “find/replace” catch it every time . . . without messing up something else?

And now you’ve read your book a few more times, to the point you’ve gone cross-eyed. *blink*

(Sound familiar?)

But even still . . . you know you’re not ready to self-publish or query agents.

Not yet, at least.

You want your book to be the best it can be, but this is bigger than just one book. You’re also establishing your reputation as a kidlit author, one whom readers will seek out for your latest release.

Because you know young readers are always looking for another chapter book series to devour, and middle grade continues to grow in popularity.

But if you publish a book riddled with typos and inconsistencies, you’re going to lose readers.

Your audience is waiting—but you have to be prepared.

If I could recommend a kidlit editor to everyone writing books for children, I would definitely send them to Jennifer a million times over. Not only does she have an eye for grammatical errors, issues with clarity, and sentence structure, but she found words that hadn't been added to the dictionary yet for when my book takes place. I hadn't even thought about it, but she pointed it out and I was able to change it, and keep everything true to the period.

Her edits are easy to understand, her comments are extremely helpful, and I love that she sends a video explaining the changes, what didn't work in the story, and what she absolutely loved. I felt like I had an editor, but also a cheerleader for my book.

Nightshade Forest wouldn't be where it is at without Jennifer's expertise, and I am so thankful that she chose to work on it with me. I can't wait to send her the rest of the books in the series to edit.

No matter your genre, I can help you make your words shine.

  • contemporary/realistic
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • historical fiction

By the time we’re done working together, you’ll

  • have an edited manuscript you can feel confident in;
  • feel encouraged about the quality of your story;
  • be eager to write your next story; and
  • be prepared to move on in your quest for publication.

Manuscript Critique

Big picture editing that looks at your manuscript as a whole. Elements that will be reviewed include plot, characterization, and dialogue. You will receive an editorial letter with recommendations to improve the manuscript. You may also receive suggestions to change, delete, or rewrite sections of the story. Please note that this type of editing does not look for errors at the paragraph, sentence, or word levels, and the manuscript will still need further editing.

blank page

Line Editing + Copyediting

An editing pass that combines line editing and copyediting. Line editing focuses on improving the readability and flow of your story. Copyediting looks at your text at the sentence level and includes the following:

  • grammar and spelling
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • word choice
  • repeated and omitted words
  • hyphenation
  • unclear sentences
  • overused words
  • consistently spelled names, acronyms, etc.

Some paragraphs or sentences may be tightened up or revised for clarity and/or consistency.

Whether you’re looking to self-publish or query agents, I can help you get your book ready for what comes next.

Here's how it works:

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Sign your contract, pay the deposit, and start writing your next book.

My story was finished to the best of my ability, but it needed polish and a final edit. I feel hiring an editor is an important investment to make so my books are the very best they can be before distributing them to the public, where they are out there forever.

I chose Navarre Editorial Services because Jennifer had edited Tillie and the Golden Phantom, the first book in my series, and I was delighted with the experience and the end result.

As I’d used Jennifer for a previous book edit, I knew all about her eagle eyes. She picks up on things that have been skipped by me and my beta readers. Jennifer has a great knowledge about young children’s chapter books and what is suitable content for this genre. She’s a pleasure to work with and communicated throughout the editing process so we could agree on certain strategies. My books are written in UK English, which wasn’t a problem for her.

It is always a total pleasure to work with Jennifer Navarre.

You want your book to capture your readers’ attention for its carefully crafted story and engaging characters.

You want them to be lost in your story as they wonder what happens next.

And sure, you could rely on critique partners and friends and family. But doesn’t your book deserve better than that?

It’s time to give your eyes (and brain!) a rest.

Let’s get started—together.

It’s so easy to self-publish these days, and sadly, many people are doing so without the benefit of a copyeditor. Before you risk foisting your errors on the reading public, please consider Jennifer's excellent service. She not only checked my story for spelling and grammatical errors; she fact-checked places and dates, ironed out my baggy paragraphs, and made sure that what I wrote made sense to the reader. I now have a manuscript that I can confidently shop around. With her teaching background, she knows what turns kids off—and what keeps them turning pages!

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