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I was introduced to editing children’s books at a young age. Namely, when the Baby-sitters Club book I was reading suddenly gave Mary Anne’s mom a line of dialogue.

(Never mind that she died when Mary Anne was small.)

An avid reader, I devoured books and developed a keen eye for detail—what worked, what didn’t, what could be improved upon. Over the years, I’ve earned degrees in English, Spanish, and teaching, and I’ve edited everything from books from self-publishing authors to curriculum for a major publisher to legal documents for state government.

I was also a teacher for a dozen years, and in that time, I introduced my students to hundreds of books each year. We formed our classroom identity around shared reading and authors who became honorary members of the class because we read their books so much. I saw firsthand each day what worked, what didn’t, and what could be improved upon as I read aloud to my class and listened to them read back to me.

I work with children’s bookseverything from picture books to early readers to chapter books, middle grade to young adult novelsbecause I’ve spent a lifetime reading them. I’ve used them in my classroom, in tutoring sessions, in recommendations to friends and family with small children. I understand the rhythm a picture book should have when it’s read aloud and how longer books need to motivate readers to turn that page and continue reading the next chapter.

I want your book to be in someone’s classroom. I want kids to be excited to see a new book of yours. I want that one line in your book to become part of the class’s language.

Let’s get started.

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