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You’ve written your book, and after A LOT of work, it’s time to think about getting your book published.

Whether you’re looking to self-publish or want to query an agent, you know you need to showcase your very best work. And you’re so close.

Let’s get your book there together.

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"I hired Jennifer to proofread my first middle-grade fantasy book after it had been line edited. I wish I’d met her first though, as there were a few recurring mistakes that were made by my line editor. After I went over the line edit, I sent her my manuscript and mentioned those mistakes because I wasn’t sure if I’d corrected them all. Unfortunately, I missed a bunch too, but she didn’t and caught a few more things. Not only does she have an eye of an eagle, she went above and beyond just a proofread. She gave me suggestions on spots that were questionable that I ended up changing and directed me to various resources to strengthen my message in my book. For edits on my future books, I will just contact her!"

Your book. Being pulled off the library shelf by an excited reader, the one who got to your book before the other (now-disappointed) kid did.

Your book. The one he’s reading in the car rider line, between classes, at lunch. The one that made him gasp on one page and laugh out loud, making the other kids look at him. 

Your book. The one that she stayed up too late reading, risking missing the bus the next morning, because she had to read one more chapter. And another. And another.

Your book. 

Your. Book.

Your readers are waiting. 

Let’s get your book ready for them.

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