Does your audience love make-believe,

time with friends, and summer vacation?

You’re in the right place.

If writing a book was easy, everyone would do it.

But you know better. You’ve done the work, written the drafts, revised and critiqued and stared at your computer screen until you can recite parts of your book from memory and your eyes are cross-eyed.

You’ve worked so incredibly hard, and you’ve taken your book as far as you can for now.

Or maybe . . .

Maybe you’re not that far along yet. You have an idea, characters in your head who won’t go away, and a dream of one day being a writer.

No matter where you are in your writing journey,

I can help you get your book ready for what comes next.

Jennifer’s comments boosted my pride and confidence. I even laughed at my own jokes because they had amused her. She laughed out loud in the comment box. LOL! That made me feel I had captured the humour necessary for a middle grade story.

Whilst reading my edited work, the words, ‘Well picked up!’ frequently flashed through my head. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer and highly recommend Navarre Editorial Services. I look forward to working with Jennifer on my next project.
With Jennifer, you are in good hands!

I was excited to develop my book further, but I knew it needed professional editing. I didn't know who I could trust.

I met Jennifer and immediately knew she would take good care of my story. Her services are professional, timely, and effective. She gave care to my story and really wanted to make it great.

I took Jennifer's edits and ran with them; I’m so happy with where my manuscript is. And after sending it off to publishers, I’m excited to announce my book will be published!

I will definitely be using Navarre Editorial Services again for my future books!

Close your eyes and picture it—not just any book, but your book.

Picture the cover, the way your name looks on the spine, how it feels in your hands.

Your book. Being pulled off the library shelf by an excited reader,

the one who got to your book before the other (now-disappointed) kid.

Your book. The one he’s reading in the car rider line, between classes, at lunch.

The one that made him gasp on one page and laugh out loud,

making the other kids look at him.

Your book. The one that she stayed up too late reading,

risking missing the bus the next morning, because she had to read one more chapter.

And another. And another.

Your book.

Your. Book.

Your readers are waiting.

Let’s get your book ready for them.

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