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It was an amazing experience that helped me achieve the very thing I was looking for in an edit.

I had a great story but I wanted to elevate it and ensure I was delivering the words the right way. This story was inspired by true events, so I really wanted to make sure the manuscript delivered the right emotion. I didn’t want an editor that would strip the whole story of its true essence.

I was referred to Jennifer and trusted that she would be a good fit. I am so glad I did because it was such an amazing experience. It was so helpful to hear Jennifer walk me through her thoughts on different aspects of the edits she had made and why the changes might have been required. The edits really took my manuscript and helped me make sure my words were packed with the right emotions that I wanted for my book!

I have been so inspired knowing it is possible for my ideas to be transformed into an amazing story. I have now had people read the book and connect with the message, and I’m looking forward to writing more books!
If I could recommend a kidlit editor to everyone writing books for children, I would definitely send them to Jennifer a million times over. Not only does she have an eye for grammatical errors, issues with clarity, and sentence structure, but she found words that hadn't been added to the dictionary yet for when my book takes place. I hadn't even thought about it, but she pointed it out and I was able to change it, and keep everything true to the period.

Her edits are easy to understand, her comments are extremely helpful, and I love that she sends a video explaining the changes, what didn't work in the story, and what she absolutely loved. I felt like I had an editor, but also a cheerleader for my book.

Nightshade Forest wouldn't be where it is at without Jennifer's expertise, and I am so thankful that she chose to work on it with me. I can't wait to send her the rest of the books in the series to edit.
Jennifer provides concise, insightful feedback tailored to publishing for children and young adults.

I had lost control of my story. It was too long for a picture book. Past critiques had been very general and lacking in suggestions on how to improve the story.

Jennifer helped me bring clarity to my story so I could cut down the word count and leave room for the illustrator. My document was returned not only with Tracked Changes but with an audio of her explaining the changes and offering suggestions. In the audio, I could hear her enthusiasm for my project.

Since having my book edited, I have done a Twitter pitch that received several requests from agents to query. I feel more confident sending it out to agents and look forward to getting my book published.
My story was finished to the best of my ability, but it needed polish and a final edit. I feel hiring an editor is an important investment to make so my books are the very best they can be before distributing them to the public, where they are out there forever.

I chose Navarre Editorial Services because Jennifer had edited Tillie and the Golden Phantom, the first book in my series, and I was delighted with the experience and the end result.

As I’d used Jennifer for a previous book edit, I knew all about her eagle eyes. She picks up on things that have been skipped by me and my beta readers. Jennifer has a great knowledge about young children’s chapter books and what is suitable content for this genre. She’s a pleasure to work with and communicated throughout the editing process so we could agree on certain strategies. My books are written in UK English, which wasn’t a problem for her.

It is always a total pleasure to work with Jennifer Navarre.
With Jennifer, you are in good hands!

I was excited to develop my book further, but I knew it needed professional editing. I didn't know who I could trust.

I met Jennifer and immediately knew she would take good care of my story. Her services are professional, timely, and effective. She gave care to my story and really wanted to make it great.

I took Jennifer's edits and ran with them; I’m so happy with where my manuscript is. And after sending it off to publishers, I’m excited to announce my book will be published!

I will definitely be using Navarre Editorial Services again for my future books!
Jennifer improved our book series in a subtle yet profound way.

After writing our books, we were unsure if we needed an editor (WE DID). Would someone try and change too much of our story? Was it worth the investment?

Jennifer was extremely responsive, thorough, and knowledgeable. We felt supported before, during, and after the editing process, and we loved communicating with her through video; we felt like we were right in the room with her having a conversation.

During the edit, we learned more about rhyme and meter and how this would impact the flow of our books. We now feel so much more confident that our rhyme, meter, and sentence structure are cohesive throughout our series—and now that our Kickstarter campaign has been funded, we can’t wait to hold our printed books in our hands.
As a new writer, I was looking for an editor that could assist with both development and traditional editing services. Jennifer provided both for me and did a fantastic job. She was great in giving suggestions but respecting the line between editor and writer. She provided a video clip of her edits so that I could completely understand the reasoning behind the notes that she was giving. I would recommend Jennifer as an editor.
Jennifer’s comments boosted my pride and confidence. I even laughed at my own jokes because they had amused her. She laughed out loud in the comment box. LOL! That made me feel I had captured the humour necessary for a middle grade story.

Whilst reading my edited work, the words, ‘Well picked up!’ frequently flashed through my head. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer and highly recommend Navarre Editorial Services. I look forward to working with Jennifer on my next project.
I hired Jennifer to proofread my first middle-grade fantasy book after it had been line edited. I wish I'd met her first though, as there were a few recurring mistakes that were made by my line editor. After I went over the line edit, I sent her my manuscript and mentioned those mistakes because I wasn't sure if I'd corrected them all. Unfortunately, I missed a bunch too, but she didn't and caught a few more things. Not only does she have an eye of an eagle, she went above and beyond just a proofread. She gave me suggestions on spots that were questionable that I ended up changing and directed me to various resources to strengthen my message in my book. For edits on my future books, I will just contact her!
It’s so easy to self-publish these days, and sadly, many people are doing so without the benefit of a copyeditor. Before you risk foisting your errors on the reading public, please consider Jennifer's excellent service. She not only checked my story for spelling and grammatical errors; she fact-checked places and dates, ironed out my baggy paragraphs, and made sure that what I wrote made sense to the reader. I now have a manuscript that I can confidently shop around. With her teaching background, she knows what turns kids off—and what keeps them turning pages!
I highly recommend Jennifer to all writers who are looking for a skilled editor who has a special talent for words, and wording, to make the necessary revisions to transform a manuscript from good to great!
Rhyming Picture Book Author
Working with Jennifer was a delight, I didn't expect half the work she did. She was extremely thorough and professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her work to others. At last I needn't feel embarrassed by the typos, as I doubt anyone would find one.