Tillie and The Golden Phantom

Tillie and the Golden Phantom: A Spooky Halloween Story (Tillie's Adventures Book 1) by [Moon, Heather B.]I commissioned Jennifer Navarre to proofread my children’s middle grade chapter book manuscript, Tillie and the Golden Phantom. From the beginning of the process Jennifer exhibited professionalism and efficiency:

  • I submitted my manuscript for a quote request.  
  • Jennifer replied immediately with a very reasonable cost.
  • I accepted and she sent a formal contract and invoice.
  • I sent my 20,000 word document as an attachment.
  • Within an agreed period of time Jennifer returned the completed word document to me, a day before the agreed date.

I am delighted with the way Jennifer presented the completed documents. Her email included a five minute video which guided me through the way she had presented the edited word documents. Three documents were attached:

  1. With Tracked Changes and Comments.
  2. With Tracked Changes accepted and Comments.
  3. Final Clean copy all ready to send to my formatters.

This was over and above what I had expected of her, but it simplified my next tasks along the publishing journey.  Jennifer also helped with some of the formatting issues.

During the whole process we made contact via email so we both knew we were going in the right direction. As I am an English girl, and the story is set in England, we discussed some variations between U.K. and American words and phrases. The small differences between the language and culture were not an issue. I decided to leave out a few phrases which Jennifer drew my attention to which may cause confusion to young non-British readers.

Jennifer’s attention to detail is absolutely outstanding. Here are some of my faults and inconsistencies she highlighted.

  • Punctuation: Hyphenated words and commas in particular.
  • Capital letters: Either removing the unnecessary capitalization or inserting where necessary.
  • The use of using a company name without prior permission. (You saved me a possible legal case there Jennifer!)
  • Plot holes: Jennifer spotted and calculated a character’s age which I had incorrectly inscribed on a fictitious gravestone. The character wouldn’t have had her birthday on the date she had died. Brilliant! Jennifer should be a detective!
  • Consistency: I had made a few errors regarding chapter headings, formatting and name spellings. Jennifer corrected these or pointed them out for my call.

Most of all Jennifer’s comments boosted my pride and confidence. I even laughed at my own jokes because they had amused her.  She laughed out loud in the comment box. LOL! That made me feel I had captured the humour necessary for a middle grade story.

Whilst reading my edited work, the words, ‘Well picked up!’ frequently flashed through my head. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer and highly recommend Navarre Editorial Services.

I look forward to working with Jennifer on my next project.


Heather B. Moon