Nightshade Forest

If I could recommend a kid-lit editor to everyone writing books for children, I would definitely send them to Jennifer a million times over. Not only does she have an eye for grammatical errors, issues with clarity, and sentence structure, but she found words that hadn’t been added to the dictionary yet for when my book takes place. I hadn’t even thought about it, but she pointed it out and I was able to change it, and keep everything true to the period.

Her edits are easy to understand, her comments are extremely helpful, and I love that she sends a video explaining the changes, what didn’t work in the story, and what she absolutely loved. I felt like I had an editor, but also a cheerleader for my book.

Nightshade Forest wouldn’t be where it is at without Jennifer’s expertise, and I am so thankful that she chose to work on it with me. I can’t wait to send her the rest of the books in the series to edit.–Nikki Mitchell, Nightshade Forest (Book One of Eleanor Mason’s Literary Adventures series)