Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! Whether it’s your first book or your fiftieth, you should take pride in what you’ve accomplished.

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Line Editing   | Copyediting   |   Proofreading   |   ESL/ELL Editing   |   The Process   |   Resources Used

Line Editing

Line editing focuses on your writing on the paragraph level. Some paragraphs or sentences may be tightened up or revised for clarity and consistency. Line editing (sometimes known as content editing) improves your writing’s readability and flow.

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Copyediting looks at your story on the sentence level. Like line editing, during copyediting some sentences may be tightened up or revised for clarity and consistency. Copyediting includes:

  • grammar and spelling
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • word choice
  • repeated and omitted words
  • hyphenation
  • unclear sentences
  • overused words
  • consistently spelled names, acronyms, etc.

You may have already worked with a developmental editor or a line editor on your manuscript. Copyediting is the next step in the process. Start the conversation and receive a personalized quote here.



Proofreading is the final check of your book before publication. No text is edited or reworded. Proofreading includes:

  • grammar and spelling
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • layout and format
  • repeated and omitted words

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ESL/ELL Editing

ESL/ELL editing is for authors whose first language is not English. This service includes a full copyedit with special attention given to correct article usage, subject-verb agreement and placement, vocabulary, and idioms and expressions. Fill out the contact form here for more information.


The Process

All edits will be made using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. Upon completion of your project, you will receive a document with all changes accepted for your convenience as well as a copy with all changes marked.


Resources Used

  • Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition
  • Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary
  • The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn
  • Garner’s Modern English Usage, 4th edition, by Bryan A. Garner

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Packrat to Clutter-Free

Jennifer offered comments on my book that none of my other nine editors made. She helped make sure I didn’t break any copyright rules, that my writing was consistent, and that my grammar was up to a higher standard so my book was something I was proud to share. – M. C. Starbuck, author of Packrat to Clutter-Free: How I Cleaned Up My Life In Less Than a Year